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Court orders prevent Police  investigation of 2016-2017  $1.45 million theft . This I think is a crime of the century.

Court orders prevent Police  investigation of 2016-2017  $1.45 million theft . This I think is a crime of the century.

Welcome to my own Power of Attorney Abuse blog. I am forced to go public since the fraud and abuse is so intensive and I feel powerless to stop it.  I have been stripped of all my financial assets and  identification documents. My name is Joe, I am now 93 and have mobility issues. I used to be worth more than $30,000,000 and I now do not own a dollar. As of 2021, I am told the my P.O.A. agents have spent $600,000 of my own assets in litigation cost to cover up what I think is a criminal conspiracy. It is Shock and Awe. This year we started with two legal events, weeks of cross examination and mediation. We uncovered what we think was a scam perpetuated against TD Waterhouse and RBC bank, Click link for tab page 2021Updates and COURTS for details. 
Since Feb 2020, the Pandemic situation became a useful tool for the perpetrators to exercise draconian actions. I have been kept under house confinement, isolated from my wife and friends, with limited rights to communicate, 24/7 security guard and under constant harassment and threats.

I could not get a fair trial. My case has been encased in a Civil Case Management for almost 3-1/2 years to prevent  the exposure of criminal abuse and investigation. 

This is an Obstruction of Justice (criminal code 139(1)). I am being ignored by the Police, and not allowed to revoke a faulty and invalid 2011-POA. I pleaded to the Police to let my wife visit me, but they prevented her from entering my door.  I requested an investigation to find $1.45 million of my missing money without getting any response. This is not the country for old men like me. Where are my rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom?  The undue influence exerted by the partners of legal firms to the appointed judges who were former partners of the same firms, undeniable denies me an equitable justice treatment.

My mental capacity condition created and submitted to the court by the personal opinion of a fake doctor remained unchallenged despite the sic-doctor's statements on Feb 2021 that his opinion is not official. But a great harm to my freedom has been done and I am still not free. The court still maintains that I do not have mental capacity during the last 3 years of my remaining life. My antagonist wants me to die to resolve the issues.  I have not seen much of daylight all summer of 2021. I have been kept my room in the dark without the benefit of any social contact. It is solitary confinement. There are more than 10,000 pages of legal documents that I am prevented from reading a single page.  I am not a danger to society except to my antagonist that what they are doing is an insane criminal abuse of power protected by the law.

THE SDA ONTARIO REGULATION 100/95, § (5) states:

 §5. (1) An attorney under a continuing power of attorney shall give a copy of the accounts and records he or she keeps in accordance with section 2 to any of the following persons who requests it:

  1. The incapable person.

  2. The incapable person’s attorney for personal care or guardian of the person. O. Reg. 100/96, § 5 (1).


I have been constantly requesting for the report. Why is the law not recognizing the fact that the rules have been broken? My P.O.A. agents have been given by the judge a year to provide the report, which they have not done and without being penalized. Meanwhile, I suffer in stress and anxiety. My death would be good news to them. They have taken away all my retirement savings, pensions and benefits. I have knocked on practically all doors, and no one likes to help. Not even all the municipal and provincial politicians that I used to support.


What I want

  • I want to spend my life with my wife. Why am I under house arrest?

  • I want her to have the my Power of Care and not from my greedy family.

  • I want my audited financial reports provided to me as mandated by the SDA 1992 act to protect the elderly. It has now been more two years of pleading in the court. 

  • I am a Canadian citizen. Why can't I have justice?

  • I want help from the police. Why are they ignoring me and even drove my wife away when she tried to visit? Am I not allowed to marry?

  • I have been asking for the Police Report under the Freedom of Information Act. We paid for it as they said they have it, but they still have not delivered it.

  • I filed a Petition to the Parliament on March 30, 2022 addressed to an MP representing my area. Long silence! I think they rather have me pass away before I get any attention. 

  • In 2017, more than a million vanished from my retirement account. My effort to track what is happened lead to hiring a fake doctor to declare me mentally incapacitated despite the surprise of many of my acquaintances including the CBC who decided to produce a TV and radio segment interviewing me. 

  • Why am I not allowed to see my preferred lawyer. Why do I have to use a lawyer that was I an forced to use who was working previously by the persons abusing me. Why am I confined? I want my Freedom!!!!!

100 marriage1.JPG

Got Married 2018-Dec-17

I am the wife,and we were happy, until his two children found out that we did it. We been expecting a backlash, but we did not expect how vicious the threat was. Dr. Francine Sarazine, a licensed assessor from the Ontario Capacity Assessment Office hired by the children and Gary Katz of Logan Katz LLP stated that Joe should not be allowed to marry. It has been pure nightmare ever since. Google on "joe overtveld ottawa".  Surely in 2019, I lost my rights to care for my husband. I was not allowed to move into the house where my husband resides. The house belongs to his company, and they have taken over all his assets. I was prevented from visiting him. They were empowered by the Judge court orders to retain a Power of Attorney that he signed in 2011. We have been unable to overturn the order, that the required witnesses tp the POA were not present. My husband granted  a new power of attorney for his care, but this was being challenged.  My marriage to them is not valid, based on Dr. F. Sarazin's opinion. Until today, we could not find any evidence that such power exists in the guidelines of the OCAO. We have not seen each other for a year. I cannot call him, as his phone has been modified by the service provider to block my calls. I cannot visit him since they argued that I may infect him with Covid-19.        

Sept 5, 2020 was the last time Joe was allowed to enjoy the sun.

Joe went riding on his scooter and called us to meet him near his home. His daughter and son, on the left , called the police when we showed up. They were able to convince the police that they have a judge order to prevent us from seeing Joe. Her daughter snatched documents that Joe's lawyer G. Windsor had on his hands and locked them in her car. This was the last time that we know when Joe was able to see the sun again or go outside his dark apartment.  The security guard now takes over.

101 shields GJO security.jpg

24/7 Absolutely no entry

  • Authorized visitors only by my agents.

  • My wife is not allowed.

  • My defense lawyers are not allowed.

  • Documents delivered will be confiscated.

  • No mail for me. I have have seen one for years. 

  • Sunny day?  I am not allowed out.

  • Call me? Sorry the agents blocked my line.

  • No going out without security.

Who is paying for this security  to confine Joe?

We estimated that based on:

720 hrs/mo x $25 =$ 18,000. With HST & POA fee, that adds up to $20,950  per month. Joe hopes that the agents are not taking that from his trust fund.

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