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My name is Joe. I was born in June 1928 in the Netherlands. I am a professional Electrical Engineer and was awarded several patents in electronic design. I manage to build a considerable real estate portfolio for myself and wrote a will to leave to my siblings, dependents and ex-partners worth millions of dollars. I built Gi-Las Property Management Ltd which owns more than 108 apartment units in the Ottawa core in the last 40 years.

I was married and divorced three times. My last divorced was in May 2011.

I woke up one morning in August 2018 and found that I do not own a cent. I forgot that in 2011, I signed a Power of Attorney for property and care which I was coerced into signing after a hospital treatment and suffering from the effects of a divorce.


Copies of the documents that I signed were not provided to me, until my lawyer obtained a copy in September 2018. The Power of Attorney were submitted to my bank to cut my access to my accounts by the beneficiaries of the POA. 

The POA that names Joy Overtveld, Todd Overtveld and Gary Katz ( my accountant for the last 38 years) has rendered me defenseless and put me in a miserable state. Joy and Todd were my children from my first marriage. I trusted my children and accountant. This was the worst mistake of my life. I never suspected that a plot to get rid of me was in the making that moment I signed the Power of Attorney.

I suffered physical disabilities in 2015 due to sciatica. However, my son was able to arrange and manage caregivers to support me. I also have a live-in caregiver and house help from the Philippines, whose family lives in my basement apartment.

I feel devastated and alone. In August 2018, all my bank cards and government photo identification were confiscated by my daughter. I was left destitute and had to contact friends to get  some loans to pay for legal services. In December 2018, I married again. My new wife help support me financially and help and manage the litigation process.

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This Blog..

Due to Joe's confinement and isolation as described in this Blog, his wife Rachida Y. Overtveld and his old friend and business associate Enrique (Tito) Jurado are helping him to maintain his Blog. Joe's daughter Joy has brought lawsuit CV-20-82769 (Ottawa) against Rachida and Tito alleging that by maintaining Joe's Blog they have defamed her.


Rachida and Tito maintain Joy's lawsuit is a SLAPP lawsuit or a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. The lawsuit  is intended to intimidate his wife and Tito by burdening them with the legal time and cost of defending it to cause them so stop helping Joe so he will stop his Blog criticizing Joy and the other attorneys and exposing their mistreatment of Joe.

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Joe dictated his technical background to Tito,  who was once the operator of call signs DU1TJ and DU1UP without any notes on 18-Jul-2020. He is still comfortable with designing circuit design and telegraphic operation at 20 wpm from 60 wpm from the past.

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